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We are the leaders in preventative healthcare.
Our specialty is our skill, experience and commitment in helping you achieve long-term health and valuable knowledge.

What Are The Benefits of Iridology?

Not only have we had long term success with many health concerns such as fatigue, weight loss, auto-immune disorders, depression, blood sugar issues, muscle and joint pain, stress & hormonal imbalances, just to name a few, you will also uncover the following benefits: Understand and discover the origins of your health conditions and afflictions Learn how to overcome your inherent weaknesses Gain the knowledge and tools specific to your health needs required for long term health ...and so much more!

Meet Your Iridology Specialist

Welcome to our clinic. Our passion is putting our clients first and inspiring better health. Schedule your session and enhance your healthcare experience today.

Steffany Reflectiens

Steffany Haynes

Dip.H.Ir.,CII, NHP
Steffany Haynes is a Diplomat in Holistic Iridology and Certified Instructor of Iridology, a member of the International College of Iridology (ICI) USA, a member of The Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International (GNI) UK, a member of the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA) USA, a member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) CAN, the founding member of Iridology Mastermind (IMM) and a successful Natural Health Practitioner.

Transforming Your Healthcare Experience

Highly Trained

Educated by the top Iridologists in the world, with over 25 years experience working with people of all ages; from infants to seniors, and with all stages of health issues.

Specializing in Woman’s Health

Able to address all health concerns related to women’s health from both a personal and professional perspective

Personalized Programs

Health programs are individually created, detailed and modified for each client’s long-term results.

Distant Iris Evaluations

Improving your health has never been easier! Receive a full comprehensive Iridology session without leaving your home.

Live Blood Analysis

Gain insight into your overall health including the quality of your diet, your nutrient absorption capabilities and how efficiently your systems are working to detoxify your body.


Identify and detects in live time, any physical, mental and emotional stresses, weakness and imbalances in the body.

Get Reliable And Up-To-Date Health Advice Today!


“Every, single, issue I have and have ever struggled with was identified, and I was given so much help to correct and heal my body!”
Virginia L.
“Steffany is wonderfully intuitive and well-educated, which means she offers fabulous service to her clients!”
Tina T.
“It made it easy having someone like Steffany along for the journey, for all the support and products, and the experience was great!"
Ally J.

Your Iridology Career Path Begins Right Here!

Set Yourself Apart …

Obtain the best Holistic Iridology training by your specialized instructor Steffany Haynes, who is recognized and accredited to delivery to you the gold standard in Iridology education. You will acquire an in-depth and evolutionary understanding of today’s Iridology including the latest research and clinical studies. Steffany Haynes specializes in ensuring that every student is up to date with the latest knowledge and information in the science of Iridology. Once you have completed your advanced Holistic Iridology educational program, you can be assured that you will have attained certification of the highest standards. This is where success begins.

Level 1 – Holistic Iridology Course

Premium Iridology Education - 3 Day Course *Discover the fundamentals in the science and practice of Holistic Iridology *Understand the significance of Iridology professionalism and ethics *Learn the basics skills and techniques to uncover the mystery within the eyes *Receive Certification in Fundamental Holistic Iridology *Prerequisite for Level 2 - Certification

Level 2 – Holistic Iridology Class

Innovative Iridology Training - 4 Day Course *An advance and in-depth program building upon Holistic Iridology foundation and comprehension *Delve deeper into an analysis system that is revolutionary in understanding genetic predispositions and current health conditions *An intricate program of underating and evaluating the true concept of healing *Receive Certification in "Intermediate Holistic Iridology" *Prerequisite for Level 3 - Diplomat

“She is this woman with enormous strength and radiates kindness and strength. Steffany is a good listener and has a fast knowledge in her field. Not only is she kind, she makes one feel comfortable and at ease. ”
Romy J.

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Welcome to our clinic!

Reflectiens Natural Health is Your Exclusive Source for Complete Holistic and Preventative Healthcare and Professional Education at the highest of  standards.

Our mission is to not only help you realize your full heath potential, but to uncover the inherent mysteries that lie within your genetics.

To understand your current health concerns, we must look at the origins of where it all began.  Doing so we are able to get to the root cause and breakthrough any current health challenges. 

Our approach is an easy and effective process utilizing Iridology to gather information that will provide you the clarity to implement a simple yet successful holistic health plan.

Your holistic practitioner will help you explore and realize the origin of your current health status and afflictions and assist you in creating a foundation towards building a stronger and healthier you.

Unified Iridology

For those of you who are serious and committed in beginning your career or continuing your education in Iridology, we offer you the most current and comprehensive teaching in Holistic Iridology.

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