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Have you always wanted to know more about your body systems and what you can do to improve your natural or holistic health?

Is it time to finally take action and understand what's happening in your body and what steps you can take to change your current health path?

At Reflectiens Natural Health, we pride ourselves on valuing you as our client and giving you the best service possible, ensuring that your needs are met over and above your expectation.


Steffany Haynes - Natural Health Practitioner

"Our clients have had long-term success with many health concerns such as fatigue, weight loss, autoimmune disorders, depression, blood sugar issues, muscle and joint pain, stress, hormonal imbalances, just to name a few."

Utilizing Iridology, Live Blood Analysis & Bio-Feedback, we can take a deeper look within and gather more information to help you breakthrough any current health challenges.

Not only do we believe in treating our clients with integrity and respect, we will also ensure that you as our valued client, are well informed and educated with all our products and services that we offer and guarantee that you will have the solutions and tools to provide you with positive success with your holistic health goals.

Give yourself the gift of optimal health that you deserve today!

We have something new and VERY exciting to share that's going to make taking the lead in your Holistic Health journey EVEN EASIER!

Iris Picture for evaluation

Reflectiens Natural Health is Now Offering
Distant Iris Evaluations!

What does this mean?

This means that you will receive a full Comprehensive Iridology Session without leaving your home.

That’s right.

All that is required is a means to photograph your eyes clearly, have access to a computer and a phone.

It’s that simple!

You will discover:

*Basic nutritional requirements
*Systemic over-acid body chemistry
*Inherited endocrine system efficiencies
*Mental, emotional and physical stamina
*Potential terrain for parasites
*Toxic accumulations within the body
*Nervous system energy force or depletion
*Hereditary influences from mother & father
*Chronically low oxygenation of tissues
*Health of the gastrointestinal tract
…. And so much more

Your session will include:

- Overview of health questionnaire that you fill out and email with your iris photos
- A full Iridology assessment that will be completed prior to your session
- A 30-minute phone consult to discuss the iris findings and answer any questions
- A detailed personalized program that will be emailed to you
- Additional handouts that will compliment your program that you will receive via email
- Free unlimited access to call/ text/email your practitioner for ALL inquiries during your program
- 10% off your first order of professional products

Having the knowledge before anything major happens is the core of an Iridology assessment.  Iridology gives you the opportunity to see clearly what is happening now, your genetic strengths and weaknesses and potential health issues that may occur if nothing changes.

Check out our services page for specific instructions on taking a great iris picture!


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