Who We Are

Reflectiens Natural Health is proud to be your exclusive source for complete comprehensive alternative health care in Ladysmith BC. Our holistic health coach will help you discover your unique health path.

"Scientific evidence shows that thoughts and emotions affect and alter our DNA and our DNA affects our emotions thoughts and behaviours; therefore, you are capable of reprogramming the DNA code to transmute ancestral issues that are not healthy or not for your highest good"
~ Dr. David J. Pesek ~

Key to Health

Mission Statement

To empower others to take charge of their health, adding valuable clarity and insight that will support a quality of life that is full of health and vitality.

Our Promise

We believe in getting to know you, forming a professional relationship as well as truly listening and understanding what your needs are.  We believe in treating you, our valued client, with integrity and respect, going the extra mile providing you with complete and total satisfaction.  We will ensure that you are well informed and educated about all of our products and services that we provide and guarantee that you have the solutions and tools to provide you with positive success.

We promise you that our customer service has the highest standards and guarantee that you will be treated as we ourselves expect to be treated as customers, consumers and clients.

Vision Statement

To truly motivate and assist each and every one to become even more knowledgeable towards understanding your current health status. Discarding any doubts that “it’s all in your head” and inspiring hope towards attaining the health you deserve, no matter how frustrating things may appear. Empowering you with the essential tools and unlimited support towards achieving overall well-being, energy, and vitality. You will become the master of your health and the life you are worthy of.

Meet Your Holistic Health & Wellness Consultant


Alternative and Holistic Health Coach
Steffany Haynes (CCI, CHI, NHP)

Steffany Haynes is a Certified Clinical Comprehensive Iridologist, a Certified Clinical Holistic Iridologist, on the Board of Directors and a member of the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA), a member of the International College of Iridology, and a successful Natural Health Practitioner in Ladysmith BC who has over 25 years’ of experience working with people of all ages; from infants to seniors, and with all stages of health issues. Above all, she specializes as a women's health and wellness consultant.

Steffany is truly motivated to assist each and every one of her clients to become even more knowledgeable towards understanding women's holistic nutrition, diet as well as women's health and wellness to the core.

With a caring and understanding nature, Steffany will assist you with gaining clarity of direction and guidance towards improved health, nutrition and vitality.

Where We Are

Visit our NEW natural health clinic based in the growing community of Ladysmith which is within easy to reach neighbourhood location from Victoria to Nanaimo BC.

We Represent Hope

At Reflectiens, we know that it is not “all in your head”, and no matter how frustrating things may appear, we pride ourselves in truly listening and understanding your needs, be it stress, anxiety, depression, headaches, body pain, digestion or hormonal problems, menopause, weight loss and even your daily lifestyle issues. We assure you that after your visit, you will have a vast array of knowledge that will allow you to make valuable informed choices for your holistic health.