Importance of Holistic Approach to a Happy Lifestyle

The body, mind, and spirit are not separate parts of an individual’s life. What they are, are lenses or ways of focusing awareness on life’s journey. This awareness of oneness and the peace that it brings can be grown and nurtured by anyone who is interested in a holistic approach.


Mind body spirit balance


The Mind, Body & Spirit Connection

We are often taught to look at our mind, body, emotions, and spirit as if one part is completely different and separate from the other instead of being intertwined. This approach has made us consider and look towards health as a compartmentalized way rather than considering it as a whole. The holistic approach tends to support the latter part of the ideology. A holistic approach to living means to recognize that the mind, body, and spirit, are connected and are important pieces to each other. In fact, the whole is the greatest part, however, we must feed and look after each aspect in order to be balanced and complete.

The holistic approach has been admired and promoted by several institutions such as the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA), International Institute of Iridology, Trinity School of Natural Health, Bastyr University. The Holistic method of healing is considered to be one of the most advantageous practices towards living a life of fulfillment. According to the above institutions, holistic health considers the whole person, including the way a person, thinks, feels, copes and lives their life including their lifestyle.  Each of us is a multifaceted human with a complex psychological, physical as well as spiritual need of achieving a state of whole health and a happier lifestyle.

Every person has a mental, physical, emotional as well as spiritual body and the wellbeing of each of these bodies is very vital for overall human growth. Thus, if one of these parts is unhealthy, the well-being of rest of the parts is greatly affected. When all these features are nurtured and balanced as an integrated approach, the human body remains in optimum holistic health. When we believe that the human body is entirely separate from our feelings, emotions, the energy fields that surround us, as well as the spiritual part of ourselves, we fail to recognize how our thoughts could affect our behaviors and our overall health.


The Key Role Of Environment In Maintaining A Holistic Perspective:

Nature is one of the greatest blessings bestowed upon mankind. A holistic approach includes all kinds of environmental influences which contribute towards your health – social, political, economic as well as educational.


Holistic living is an awareness that not only helps us to bring balance to ourselves but also aids us in getting closer to natures natural healing sources.


Understanding and honoring all those things which are interrelated remains the very essence of the holistic approach. Part of considering the big picture of integrating holistic health includes taking charge of our thoughts and actions.  Every choice we make impacts how we feel on all levels of being. The energy from our thoughts filters into all the living things that surround us, extending to all things existing on the planet.


Benefits Of Adopting The Holistic Approach

Balance in Life: A holistic approach balances your life in almost all the aspects – health, spirituality, relationships, work as well as finances. If you adopt the holistic pattern, you can achieve a happier, healthier as well as more fulfilling lifestyle. Attaining more freedom, financial security, better relationships, a healthier body, better peace of mind as well as a spiritual connection to the world, are considered to be some of the largest benefits of the holistic pattern of living.

Healing to the Core: Where all the traditional allopathic health programs focus on the symptoms of the condition, the holistic approach addresses the core reason behind the appearance of such symptoms. Thus, instead of medicating a condition to get rid of it, a holistic health practitioner shall assess the need to physically or psychologically alter it with your lifestyle so that your life and its quality improve naturally. When you practice the art of holistic living, you will soon discover that several health challenges are resolved by supporting the bodies innate ability to heal itself.

As a Preventive Measure: Another axiom about holistic health is prevention. Holistic living suggests that you create a lifestyle which enhances the body’s natural state for its very own sake. This doesn’t mean that you should put yourself in a health crisis to make daily efforts to improve your overall health; this suggests that as a holistic person you create a daily routine of exercising and eating well to nourish your body, meditating regularly to maintain a mental, emotional as well as spiritual balance and finally, living and working in such environmental and social conditions which support you in manifesting a positive attitude towards your life.


The Seven Simple Things That You Can Do To Abide By The Holistic Pattern Of Life:

1. Your body is your vehicle; hence eating clean is first and foremost the thing that you must look after. Begin by flushing out toxins from your body with lots of water, green tea, seasonal fruits, nuts, and vegetables for a few days.

2. You must think about how you impact the environment as well as the people in your vicinity. Thus, recycling energy and sharing wisdom, along with helping others by lending energy to those in need are the practices that you must continue. Lend an ear or simply smile at someone.

3. Always be open to learning and fetching new experiences in life. Start reading new books, visit different websites, enroll yourself in different courses and begin to surround yourself with all the like-minded people who can help you to learn and grow.

4. Life is a one-time affair. Hence, you must not rush and learn to enjoy each moment instead. Make time for all the things that add to your day. Find and practice everything that you love. For a moment, stop the chaos and smell the roses.

5. Although it may sound a little corny, start loving your life to begin living it better. Be grateful about whatever you have instead of being regretful about something that you couldn’t achieve.

6. Connect with other like-minded holistic people. Connect with positive energy. Visit your friends, surround yourself with positive people and you will address your life in a more positive way!

7. Live your life by the 51/49 rule. This means that in every relationship, be it business or personal, always give at least 51% of the value. This has a massive impact on those around you and will leave a legacy.


A holistic approach to your body, mind, and spirit can not only transform your overall well-being, but it can also equally benefit your relationships, make you more understanding, patient and loving. Now is the time to embrace it.

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