Holistic Iridology – An Overview

Over the last few decades, the practice of iris analysis was done from only a physical perspective. Holistic Iridology is an advanced system that includes the understanding of genetically inherited influences on the conscious physical aspects, as well as the subconscious spiritual, mental and emotional aspects, of our body.

holistic iridology overview

I am expanding my knowledge of Iridology by advancing my education in understanding the ongoing development and discoveries in the field of Holistic Iridology. These new advancements in the science and art of Iridology will help me understand more about the root cause of an individual’s health concerns. This is a remarkable time of growth and a profound opportunity for people to understand even more about the origins of their health conditions.


What is Holistic Iridology?

Holistic Iridology is a powerful tool of analysis, not the diagnosis, that can help you understand any potential health pre-dispositions and/or conditions many years BEFORE any symptoms or imbalances that may appear. Holistic Iridology is an evolution of comprehensive Iridology, bringing an even deeper understanding to Iridology as a whole, and is a break-through towards helping others transform their lives on all levels.

Holistic Iridology was researched and developed by Dr. David J. Pesek and is the Founding President of the International Institute of Iridology. He is heralded as “The New Pioneer in Iridology” and as “One of the World’s Pre-Eminent Iridologist” by the leading natural health organizations. Dr Pesek’s teachings tell us that true healing begins on the spiritual level first, then into the mental and emotional levels and finally into the physical body. This he says is the true nature of the healing process.

Dr David J Pesek
Dr. David J. Pesek, PhD

Founding President, International Institute of Iridology

Dr. Pesek, who has combined all the knowledge that he has learned, studied, practiced and taught over the last 40 years, to bring us a system of an advanced unique system of Holistic Iridology and shares with us the following:


“Scientific evidence shows that thought and emotions affect and alter our DNA and our DNA affects our emotions, thoughts and behaviors; therefore, you are capable of reprogramming the DNA code to transmute ancestral issues that are not healthy or not for your highest good”.– Dr. David J. Pesek


Holistic Iridology As The Soul’s Ancestral Journey:

We all know that we inherit our eye color from our mother and father, yet did you know that we also inherit all the genetic information from our ancestors? Your eyes are a history of vibrational frequencies that reflect an iris pattern that you have inherited, which has contributed to everything you have genetically.

For example, an individual’s genetic makeup going back 5 generations contains information from 62 ancestors. All your predecessors’ physical strengths and weaknesses, their thoughts, emotions and feelings and even their life experiences have all been stored in your DNA. This makes every single person unique, for all the billions of souls on the earth, no two eyes are alike.

Holistic Iridology allows us to understand the markings, patterns and colors on a deeper level. This advanced technique in Iridology is an innovative system that allows us to combine the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects with the physical, making it possible to understand the whole person.

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Sample Case Study – Simplified:

Iridology Case Study Sample
Female, Right Eye, Age 48, Height 5’7, Weight 178 lbs


Symptoms: Fatigue, gains weight easily, headaches, irritable, digestives gas/ bloating, sore joints, doesn’t feel good, had full physical and all tests come back normal.

Iris Signs: Biliary Iris (mixed color), contraction furrows, larger collarette, ballooning ascending colon, darker scurfy rim, beginning stages corneal arcus, closed lacuna in the kidney area, orange pigment pancreas area, orange pigment liver area, pancreatic lacuna (syndrome).


Physical Pre-dispositions: Digestive disturbances, liver/ gallbladder congestion, pancreatic insufficiency, toxic accumulation, poor circulation and elimination, sluggish immune system, and mineral deficiencies.

Emotional Pre-dispositions: Feeling out of control/ forgiveness/ depression/ control issues/ anger/ grief/ suppressed feelings. Possible issues with a male figure.


Physical suggestion: Healthy food choices to help strengthen their system, avoidance of specific foods that could contribute to imbalances, supplements and herbs to support the system, cleansing and/or detox programs, physical activities for better circulation and energy.

Emotional suggestion: Through conversation, we would be able to determine the direction and clarity of thoughts and emotions that we see potentially attached to health concerns. A discussion will lead to any forms of therapies to help release and open the doors to healing at the core.


Holistic Iridology As An Assessment Tool:

Holistic Iridology is an assessment tool for discovering genetic pre-depositions and current levels of health. Iridologists worldwide are now incorporating this advanced approach to iris analysis as a tool to better understand the origins of health conditions. By analyzing the iris signs, we can get to the root causes, thoughts and feelings of health issues. This painless, non-evasive tool will uncover the information that will help to guide you towards good health and life.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and as spiritual beings having a human experience; we are now awakening in becoming more self-conscious. Through this awareness, we are now taking self-responsibility. This is a pivotal time in the history of humanity, as we are coming once again full circle in the art and science of natural health.


A Short Overview of the History of Medicine:

2000 BC – Here eat this herb
1000 AD – That herb is heathen. Here, say this prayer
1850 AD – That prayer is superstition. Here, drink this potion
1940 AD – That potion is snake oil. Here, eat this pill
1985 AD – That pill is ineffective. Here, take this antibiotic
2000 AD – That antibiotic is artificial. Here, take this herb


Today, more people are seeking out natural preventive healthcare which is less complex and a more cost-effective method for analyzing their health condition. Holistic Iridology can be the key to achieving this and may be utilized as a complimentary analysis tool with any other system of assessment practices.


Sources: holisticiridology.com

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