How Iridology and Holistic Care Can Help With Health Issues

Iridology is an excellent tool for assessing your current health status. It enhances the holistic and alternative methods of addressing an array of health issues and can help pinpoint areas of the body that are in need of more attention and TLC. Perhaps you’re already familiar with the holistic approach, but if not, here’s an overview.

Holistic care focuses on the person as a whole. It recognizes that the physical body is not separate from the mental or emotional experiences that we have, but rather one aspect affects another. As defined in “incorporating the concept of holism, or the idea that the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts…identifying with principles of holism in a system of therapeutics…and often involving nutritional measures.”

The holistic approach of Iridology equates to working with a certified Iridologist to identify the weak points of your body and internal systems; and through communication, a plan of action is formulated. These answers often involve making changes to your diet regimen because nutrition plays a major role in health. The alternative health approaches focus on identifying the root cause of an ailment and ways to repair it, unlike conventional medical practice that treats the symptom.

The holistic approach evaluates you as an individual and tailors to your physical and emotional needs in order to address a specific condition. During a consultation, the Iridologist will examine the iris of both eyes and communicate with you the details of her findings. Those findings will reveal everything from inflammatory and digestive issues, to the common cold or chronic illness, and it will also uncover spiritual or emotional challenges you may be experiencing. Again, one affects the other in each and every one of us.

If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask ones self if they are ready to do away with the reasons for their illness. Only then it is possible to help them.


Healthy Meals for Healthy Bodies

How Iridology Helps Change Health

Because each section of the iris represents another part of the body, it identifies reference points of physical and mental areas that may be suffering from an accumulation of toxins, or lifestyle imbalances. 

For instance, if an individual is struggling to lose weight, the iridology evaluation may detect colon issues in which case a detoxing cleanse or change in diet may be recommended. Another example is that of stress eating. 

It is no secret that we associate food with practically every celebration or event that life offers us. From the birthday and anniversary celebrations to the weddings, baby arrivals, funerals or celebrations of past life; and don’t forget about the social interactions on a routine basis. These may involve daily dinner with family to ensure a routine connection, or weekly coffee with a friend to engage in the company of like-minded individuals. The point is that from birth, we are taught that food is associated with a lot of different things, good and bad. 

In society today, there are even foods labeled as “comfort foods.” However, the quality of food and reasons for consuming it can be related to a multitude of other things. Bottom line, for anyone who resorts to food as a way to deal with stress, it can lead to a plethora of other issues. Regardless of the reason, Iridology is phenomenal as a constructive tool for identifying issues that need to be addressed.

In regards to stress, some people eat while others refuse to eat or internalize the stress in other ways, which ultimately affect other parts of the body. Bottom line, Iridology will be able to identify stress as the culprit and distinguish how it is affecting the overall wellbeing of a person. As such, during a consultation, he or she will be provided suggestions on how to address the issue. It may be changes in diet, or it may involve a recommendation of exercise, meditation or therapies such as yoga, massage, chiropractic, etc.  

Iridology provides a significant amount of insight into the body/mind/soul relationship and can help identify the root cause and necessary management of sickness or disease.

Listen to your Body

The Common Cold Is Your Body Getting Your Attention

Colds may occur more frequently in cold weather, but cold weather doesn’t necessarily bring on the cold. If you go to a conventional practitioner with cold or flu symptoms, you will likely be told to wait it out or be given a prescription that may help. However, a cold is your body trying to tell you to slow down. Maybe before the onset of the cold, you had inclinations that you should change your routine, but because of pure stubbornness or having too much on your plate, you ignored the messages and continued to push through. 

Although, in the end, your body rebelled and the result was enduring the discomfort of a cold which due to the fatigue and inability to sleep, most likely you had no choice but to take a break. The common cold is actually comprised of more than 200 viruses that attack the respiratory system, cause inflammation and congestion. And, it can evolve into more serious health problems if you choose to ignore it. 

Listen to Your Body

The common cold is just an example of how your body attempts to signal you when it is in distress. Your body can signal you with a variety of symptoms and knowing how to identify those symptoms and reverse issues is what holistic health focuses on. If you have ever experienced the distress of a physical ailment, lack of ability to focus or sleep or suffered from anxiety and didn’t understand why, then Iridology can help you. 

With hundreds of nerve endings connecting to the iris, the use of Iridology as an assessment tool that can help you pave the way to finding answers to your health issues. Through the combination of Iridology and holistic approaches, you can implement daily actions that will help strengthen your immune system, resolve physical discomfort and instill hope and a positive outlook on life.If you’ve been enduring ailments or are tired of unanswered questions about how you feel, then Reflectiens Natural Health may be just what you need. Contact us today to find out more. 

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