Distant Iridology Evaluation


Iridology is an alternative health method that studies the color, pigmentation and structure of the eye to determine information about a person’s systemic health. Like fingerprints or faces, no two eyes are exactly alike making the iris one of the best tools available for analyzes for identifying which areas of the body are genetically strong and to determine the areas of potential weakness.


– Overview of health questionnaire that you fill out and email with your iris photos
– A full Iridology assessment that will be completed prior to your session
– A 30-minute phone consult to discuss the iris findings and answer any questions
– A detailed personalized program that will be emailed to you
– Additional handouts that will compliment your program that you will receive via email
– Free unlimited access to call/ text/email your practitioner for ALL inquiries during your program
– 10% off your first order of professional products


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