Adults' Holistic Health Sessions & Service Fees

  • Blood Typing -$35
  • Introductory Iridology, Biofeedback or Live Blood Analysis - $45
    (Mini overview of results and printout of reports)
  • Comprehensive Iridology, Biofeedback or Live Blood Analysis - $85
  • *NEW* - Distant Iris Evaluations - $85.00
  • Combine any 2 Modalities (Comprehensive Session) - $125
    (That's over a 26% savings!)
  • Full Comprehensive Alternative Health Package - $195
    (complete with Iridology, Biofeedback, Live & Dry Blood assessment and blood typing)

*Service fees above are exclusive of applicable tax(es)

All Comprehensive Sessions Include:

- Overview of the holistic health questionnaire
- An all-inclusive assessment
- Comprehensive detailed personalized program
- Printouts of your results
- Additional handouts complimenting your program
- Detailed food chart based on your blood type (full comprehensive package only)
- Free unlimited access to call/ text/email your practitioner for ALL inquiries during your program!

*Be sure to go ahead and take advantage of your exclusive client discount of 10% off your first order of professional health products*

Children of 12 yrs & under / Seniors of 65 yrs & above

We offer Special Reduced Pricing to our holistic care for children and senior clients for all of our services.

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