Iridology is the study of the colour, pigmentations, and structure of the eye. No two eyes are alike; each colour and marking has a unique meaning for each individual, marking the iris health is one of the best tools available to analyze which areas of the body are genetically strong and areas of potential weakness.

Live & Dry Blood Analysis

Live & Dry Blood Analysis

Blood Analysis is a procedure that analyses your blood in live time, under a powerful Dark Field Microscope to ascertain information about aspects of your health. It is typically done in two parts, Live Blood Analysis and Dried Blood Analysis.



Quantum Biofeedback is an assessment tool in which clients are able to improve their health by understanding the signals from their own bodies. The quantum biofeedback machine acts as a “6th sense” which allows the client to understand what’s happening within their body.

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Iridology 2


Iridology is an assessment tool, it is not used to diagnose disease or prescribe medicine. Studying the iris health, when tied in with our diet and lifestyle history, age and emotional status, gives us a better understanding of ourselves, and possible dietary, nutritional and emotional changes we can make to help our bodies function at their top level.

The International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA) regulates and promotes ethics and standards in the practice of iridology. The IIPA helps to ensure that practising Iridologists are well trained and that individuals receive excellent iris analysis. At Reflectiens Natural Health, Steffany is one such certified Iridologist to find near the prime locations of BC.

Live & Dry Blood Analysis

Live & Dry Blood Analysis

There are many benefits to having your live and dry blood analysed. With the help of a live blood analysis practitioner, you can gain insight into your overall health including PH imbalances, indications of levels of toxicity, nutrient deficiencies, free radical stress, the quality of your diet, your nutrient absorption capabilities, how efficiently your systems are working to detoxify your body.

Live Blood Analysis is a blood test carried out by extracting a single drop of blood from the fingertip, placing it on a microscope slide and then observing it through a high-powered dark field microscope. The magnified image is projected live onto a high resolution monitor so the client can see the contents and health of their blood.

Dry Blood Analysis is a screening tool not a diagnoses, used to analyze any degeneration condition of the body, including organ stress, deficiencies, free radical damage, lymphatic drainage, cardiac or circulatory stress, thyroid or hormone imbalances, digestive toxicity and stress, adrenal tension, calcium or magnesium imbalance, heavy metal levels, etc.

Bio-Feedback 2


The body is comprised of different systems, and when the systems of the body are not aligned, imbalances are created. The quantum biofeedback system allows us to identify these deficiencies within the body.

Once the deficiencies are identified, we are able to recommend suggestions which will enable the body to rejuvenate and create well being. Quantum Biofeedback is not used as a treatment or diagnosis, rather it is a system that can be combined with other standard interventions and complement other therapies, carried out by knowledgeable clinicians, educators or coaches.

Iris Evaluation

Iris Photo Instructions

The best pictures are those done with a digital camera, bright natural lighting and someone to assist you.

Digital Camera:

  • Set your camera to macro setting, turn on the flash & set reduce red eye
  • Use a tri-pod if available for easier photographing (stability of the camera will help with clarity)
  • Sit about 5 inches from the lens (you may have to adjust the distance based on the clarity of the photos)
  • Make sure that there is no direct lighting shining into your eyes (ensure that any natural light is coming from the side)
  • If you are working with a partner and have a flash light you can use this for better clarity by shining it on the iris from the side
  • Hold the upper and lower lids open to expose the full iris
  • If you are taking photos on your own, you can set a timer
  • Take a photo of each eye separately

Phone Camera:

  • Flip your camera to horizontal
  • Ensure that your flash is on – lighting is important when taking photos with a phone
  • Use a stabilizing accessory to mount your phone (steadying the camera will help with clarity)
  • Get as close as possible to the camera (using the zoom feature may create a grainy photo)
  • If you are working with a partner and have a flash light you can use this for better clarity by shining it on the iris from the side
  • Hold the upper and lower lids open to expose the full iris
  • Take a photo of each eye separately

*Ensure that your eye photos are clear and that the entire iris is visible
*Make sure that there is no glare, adjust your lighting and your position if this is the case
*You may have to experiment with snapping a few photos to get a good eye picture, take many and send the best of the bunch


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