What Is Holistic Health & What Makes It Important?

The term ‘Holistic’ is often related to an alternative medicine specialty or natural remedy and healthy nutrition. It is sometimes also confused with the word ‘Wholistic’ which in its true essence is right, as it involves the ‘Whole-Health’ approach.


What Is Holistic Health?

Holistic health means an approach to the wellness of a person’s whole health in a natural way involving their mind, body, and spirit because there is more to health than just body.

Through this approach, you come to the realization of how a self-empowering mindset can influence your health either positively or negatively.  A self-empowering mindset will move you towards improving or healing a health concern because your emotions influence your spirituality, and your social lifestyle will affect your physical wellbeing.


Consider seeing a Natural Health Practitioner if you want to promote full-body wellness.


5 Essential Elements of Holistic Health That Make This Approach Important

Below are the top 5 mantras, dimensions or pillars of the holistic approach to health:

5 Essential Elements of Holistic Health


1. Mental Health

As mentioned earlier, your mindset plays a big role in how negatively or positively you think about yourself and ultimately how you heal yourself. It’s your ‘self-motivation’ that keeps you in good physical health. It’s your mindfulness along with your intentions that motivate you towards a value-based approach, ultimately fulfilling your health and life goals.

A healthy mind promotes good intellect, which empowers your decision making and thought processing skills and also how you handle your fluctuating moods.

It is well said “An idle brain is the devil’s workshop”, so you should keep your mind engaged in a way that it challenges you to build new skills, gain knowledge, and inspire you to grow continually.


2. Emotional Wellbeing

It is very important that you understand your thoughts and how you feel about yourself. You will tend to develop improved gut health if you know how to constructively deal with your emotions. It will give a boost to your inner-strength and your will-power.

Your emotional wellbeing will help you overcome stress, anxiety or depression. This can include help in the form of support from your loved ones. A supportive peer group can be all that it takes to surface through any emotional hardships.

An emotionally sound person will maintain good relations with others, be accepting of their own faults, take responsibility for their own actions, maintain a work-life balance and moreover, understand and appreciate their self-worth.


3. Physical Health

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear about physical health is exercise, and you need more than that alone. The key aspects of this element are:-

  • Healthy eating habits and a well-balanced diet for maintaining proper nutrients and vitamins. Keep yourself well hydrated naturally, drinking water and consuming fibrous fruits;
  • Exercise, be it Yoga, Dancing, CrossFit, Swimming or anything that interests you. Utilize physical activities of any form, even if it starts with you to simply moving a bit every day;
  • Getting enough sleep. We all know that 7 hours sleep is a must, but how strictly do we follow that? You need to relax your body a little too!


4. Spiritual Wellness

Let’s put this in simpler words, ‘Spirituality’ is a way to discover the missing link with our inner self or in other words, a way to find the meaning to our life. The path to spirituality differs for each individual; some people connect through religious prayers, some through meditation, and various others through activities that bring them close to Mother Nature.

You can choose your own path to gain spiritual awareness, but you need to pull up your socks and make sure that you follow your chosen path wholeheartedly. Having said that, you must now understand how emotions and mindfulness play a big role in achieving Spiritual Wellness. If you think and feel right about yourself and your chosen path, you will surely find the sense of purpose and meaning to your life.


5. Social Wellbeing

It is about how good you are with others socially in terms of keeping positive relationships, be it your friends, family or anyone that you know. An overall social wellbeing maintains a healthy relationship with others, and by nurturing your social relationships, you form a supportive peer group based on mutual trust and respect.

If you have a good support group, you can easily row through the ups and downs, through stressful and unhealthy times in your life. Your social wellbeing not only helps you in forming a good support, it also boosts your emotional strength, self-confidence and keeps your mind engaged through involvement in the social activities. Ultimately, your social wellbeing will serve you for the better throughout your life.


A good Natural Health Practitioner will always include an Integrative approach with the 5 Essential Elements of Holistic Health.


Does The Holistic Health Approach Really Work?

Yes, holistic health practice has been known to help people suffering from different health ailments like fatigue, weight loss, autoimmune disorders, depression, blood sugar issues, muscle and joint pain, stress, hormonal imbalances, or any other mental, emotional or physical health issues.

One of the most significant aspects of the alternative and holistic health approach is gaining awareness through Iridology. Iridology is primarily associated with the study of iris health. Iridologists see the various markings, color, and structure of the iris and identify certain genetic health patterns and potential health concerns.


Want to find out more about Iridology & the 10 health issues that can be detected by Iridology?

Refer this 5 min Read: Iridology – Study of the Eyes or Iris Health



Now that you are aware of how Iridology complements the holistic health approach, go ahead and give it a try, OR if you’re still wondering “What if I had my own Natural Health Practitioner on Vancouver Island?, then you need to go no further! Reflectiens Natural Health is here at your nearest neighborhood in Ladysmith BC. Contact us to discover how we can help you RECLAIM your Holistic Health TODAY!


Please comment below and let us know what your approach for a healthy life is, and what is the most important part of it?

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